ortable Gas Detector, Fixed Gas Detector, Gas Transmitter, Mumbai, India

Fixed gas detector

Fixed Gas Detector  
Fix Gas Alarm Panel  

Fixed Gas monitor
* Most economic to get gas leak alarm in three level
* Multi channel indication
* One level common relay out put for external control
* Easy  Installation and maintenance
* Optional Digital display for each channel in Modular type Monitor
* Multi channel monitor with data logger and PC interface


Gas Transmitter

Gas Transmitter       

Flameproof Certified Gas Sensor Housing Optional Local digital Display

* Easy maintenance
* Quick‐ fit Sensor replacement
* Explosion Proof Junction Box Certified by CIMFR. Also  ATEX approved if required.
* High accuracy, Linear Output
* 4‐20 mA Transmitter O/P For PLC, DCS, SCADA
* Measuring Combustible / Vapors (0‐100%LEL),Toxic gases and O2

Gas Detector/Analyzer
Portable gas detector
Fixed gas detector
Portable & online gas Analyser
Trace / Purity oxygen Analyser
Portable dissolve oxygen analyser
Portable & On Line Stack Gas analyser of fuel efficiency (FEM)
Precision RH & Dew Point Meter
Control Panel
Pump Control / Pump Start-up Panel
Automation Control Panel
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